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AI and data science consulting

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to the world of business


AI will transform businesses allowing them to provide clients with faster, more accurate insights while lowering expenses. It can help consultants crunch statistics faster while also improving the accuracy of their analysis, allowing them to provide greater insights to customers.


Meensat is a business-focused artificial intelligence consultancy that develops custom AI solutions. The professionals of Meensat assist organizations in developing AI-driven products and solutions, for that, we use machine learning (ML) tools and algorithms.

We provide comprehensive AI, a data science consulting and engineering services to help your company gain a new competitive advantage through data-driven solutions that will provide you with a fantastic customer experience.


Our AI and data science consulting services

  • AI and Data Strategy

  • Data cleansing and organizing

  • Data warehousing

  • Scenario Modelling

  • Data visualization and behavioural segmentation

  • Data engineering and audit

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